AutoSTAGE Easy for BricsCAD Pro

AutoSTAGE Easy für Bricscad Pro AutoSTAGE Easy, based on BricsCAD Pro is the extensive and complete package for the budget conscious.

AutoSTAGE Easy is the suitable package for the CAD beginner, or for companies with small budgets. BricsCAD Pro is fully compatible with, and works similarly to AutoCAD. Experienced AutoCAD users will only need to make minor operational modifications to use BricsCAD Pro.

To save designs, both programs work with the DWG file format. Hence, AutoCAD created designs can be opened and edited with BricsCAD Pro. This also applies vice versa from BricsCAD Pro to AutoCAD.

AutoSTAGE Easy for BricsCAD Pro

AutoSTAGE Easy will be supplied by us as a complete package, which includes AutoSTAGE 2D and BricsCAD Pro V13.

The english language version of AutoSTAGE Easy is scheduled to be released soon...

More information about BricsCAD is available from the manufacturer at Download a FREE 30-day trial version of BricsCAD.