AutoSTAGE is an efficient tool for the cost-effective and easy creation of professional CAD plans, engineering designs and visual images for fair, exhibition, theatre and live entertainment.

AutoSTAGE provides the technical simulation of reality. This is based on an extensive library of over 20,000 2D and 3D symbols in areas such as lighting, audio, video, stage, trusses, rigging, studio and theatre and also banquet and catering.

An integral component of AutoSTAGE is the large collection of tools. This allows for designs of great accuracy in the shortest time, even complex trussing or lighting plans.  Apart from the actual design, the clever combination of information allows a variety of other data planning functions, like stock lists for example, to be created. These can be viewed, changed and displayed at any time.

Despite the complexity of the CAD software, AutoSTAGE is suitable for CAD beginners as well. After a short training period, due to the intuitive design of AutoSTAGE, the user can create professional CAD plans without extensive prior knowledge of CAD.

Available packages of AutoSTAGE are:


AutoSTAGE Pro -the plug-in tool for AutoCAD The professional plug-in tool for high-end users - suitable for AutoCAD 2012 to AutoCAD 2015. Find out more about AutoSTAGE Pro here...

AutoSTAGE Easy

AutoSTAGE Easy for Bricscad Pro The extensive and complete package for the budget conscious. The basis for AutoSTAGE Easy is Bricscad:  the inexpensive and compatible alternative to AutoCAD. Find out more about AutoSTAGE Easy here...

The two worlds of AutoSTAGE

AutoSTAGE consists of two modules:  AutoSTAGE 2D and AutoSTAGE 3D. Both modules can be used individually, or together where work is completed solely in either 2D or 3D. It is possible to switch from one "world" to the other "world" at any time. When switching between these worlds the user-entered design and information data is preserved at all times. In this way, the user can achieve maximum flexibility in the use of 2D and 3D designs and benefit from the advantages of both worlds.